Can't stop smiling I got 2 beautiful front crowns done. They look so natural and I cannot stop smiling. The whole process was smooth. The staff is great, extremely friendly. My special thanks to Dr. Uma and Dr. Lakshmi who treated me and was very caring and understanding. The whole place looks so warm and comfortable. Very soothing.

Deepthi Diwakar

Dr. Uma is one of the best doctors I have ever met. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to keep their dental hygiene intact. I have had many visits for my root canal, dental implant, cleaning etc and she treated me with utmost care and attention. Guess what, It wasn't even painful. Highly professional. Best price. Best treatment. Best staff.

kiran rg

I'm extremely impressed with the Service and the advance level of treatment provided by Stomatologia Advanced Dental care. Got treated by Dr. Uma & Dr. Lakshmi who are so Professional and with their advise I was made aware of my oral hygiene and it's importance. Thanks to them. With best in class advanced equipments the treatment was so good. The Ambience and the clinic atmosphere is so impressive. I strongly recommend this clinic if somebody aspires for a good service.

Nikethan H D

I was a little scared in the beginning to get a dental treatment done but the doctors in the clinic made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Uma and her team are highly professional and extremely good in their work. The ambience of the clinic is so peaceful and calm! I recommend this clinic for any kind of dental treatment. It is also easy to get to since it is right next to the bannerghatta main road.

Yogendra Singh

Very professional care! Especially Dr. Uma. I was very lucky to get into her hands. She provided top notch services for the a very good price. I've been there a few times and until today everything has been fine whatever she did for me. Highly recommend!

Anastasia Titova

Dr uma is very professional and friendly and explain ur problem properly. The clinic has all advance equipments and its neat and clean all side.My whole family is her patient. I would recommend this clinic to all dental needs.


Visited the clinic for my own root canal treatment and for mothers implant. Dr Uma and her team are highly experienced, polite and professional. The clinic is very neat and clean ,equipped with the latest instruments. They will do everything to make you feel comfortable during the treatment and explain all the do's and dont's. Charges are extremely reasonable considering the top notch expertise and perfection they offer. Highly recommended !


Treatment is very good, Orthodontist Dr. Nithin and Dr.Uma were very nice. I strongly recommend here.

Rajeswari K

I have visited this clinic few times. It is very professional and staff are very friendly. They take care to explain the condition, treatment and benefits, way forward etc.and make you comfortable. Kudos!!

Raj Sadasivam

Dr.Uma is an excellent and incredibly gentle dentist. She did a great job explaining everything that she was doing and listening to what I had to say. She kept me calm during all of my appointments and answered all of my questions. Post extraction she explains do's and donโ€™ts. If we follow her instruction no need to worry even 1%. The Ambiance and the clinic atmosphere are so impressive with a mild music ๐Ÿ˜Š. Dr. Uma is a very friendly and caring doctor. I am so thankful to her. I Strongly recommend Dr. Uma (Stomatologia Advanced Dental Clinic).

Ganesh Babu

Dr Uma and Dr Nitin are extremely friendly and cooperative .My daughter got her dental braces.Dr Nitin has been very friendly and helpful throughout the treatment period.He explains all the quaries very patiently.The clinic is very well maintained and gives out positive vibes.

Nisha Jain

My wife had the root canal, filling done and got the cap as well... She fears of Dentists because of her past (may be 13-14 yrs back) bad experience from a different dentist. She was was in such a bad trauma, that she withstood the pain for nearly 3yrs... After she spoke to Dr. Lakshmi and Dr. Uma, she got the required confidence.. Got all the procedure's done and now she is so confident that she doesn't even need me to accompany her to the dentist, she gets the procedure done alone... That's the confidence both these doctors were able to build in her... Thanks to both Dr. Lakshmi and Dr. Uma for taking good care of my wife and helping her to come out of the dentist trauma....

Harsha Ananda Murthy

The doctors are very friendly. They make sure that we are comfortable and explains everything before starting a procedure. I am very happy with the treatment.

Omkar Panicker

I had a very good experience at Stomatologia Dental Clinic for my family's dental check up. The clinic is state of the art , well maintained, clean with advanced and latest equipment. My Autistic special kid was handled very kindly and efficiently by Dr.Uma Swaminathan and her team. I got a detailed explanation of my dental issues and all probable solutions, and best option was recommended. Perfect place to fix your dental problems.

Lavanya Sadasivam

Highly recommend Dr.Uma and team for the excellent service they provide... very soft spoken personal... even good with kids...

sangeeta eg

A very well maintained and clean clinic.Dr. Uma is very gentle and caring. Explains the procedures in detail and made me very comfortable during the procedures.She uses the best quality of materials in her clinic and has all the advanced equipment.I highly recommend her clinic for all your dental needs.

nandini subramanyam

Dr. Uma is highly professional , skilled with sound knowledge in her area of expertise by explaining the root cause of the problem to the patient very politely and as well as providing best treatment for the patient. I would highly recommend one of the best dentist in Bannerghatta area!!!

Kill Fat

We go to Dr. Uma for all 4 of our family. Very good consultation and advice. Our kids actually look forward to coming to the clinic in fact!

Vinod Sankaranarayanan